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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grandma's stories---14 Andher nagari chaupat raja

There was a sadhu.He was walking through a city with his shishya.He saw there was no man on the roads,all the shops were closed,but at night,all the shops got opened,people started working.He was surprised and asked a man"Why it is so?"he said"It is according to the order of king."Then the Sadhu and his shishya reached to a Dhaba to get some food,they were more surprised to know that every thing was being sold "Take ser"Sadhu said to his shishya"This is a dangerous place we must leave it just now"But the Shishya thought"this is a cheap place I can eat many delicious things spending very little amount of money,so he requested his guru to allow him to stay there,The Sadhu warned him again and went away.The shishya stayed there.
A thief broke in the house of a Rich man.The wall fell down on him while he was coming back with the stolen things,and he died.His brother went to the king and requested to punish the Rich man as his wall killed an innocent person,the king called the Rich man,The rich man said that he had not built the wall,it was built by Rajmistri,The king called the Rajmistri,He said he could not concentrate as a dancer was standing in front of the Rich man's house at a jeweler's shop,The king called the dancer,she said she had to buy ornaments but the jeweler was busy in making the ornaments for a rich man so she had to stay there for a long time,The king called the jeweler,and asked him who the rich man was,he pointed the same rich man standing there,The king and his prime minister decided to hang the rich man,and asked the jailer to make a wooden Tickti for hanging the rich man,The jailer brought the tickti next day and said"The rich man's neck is very thin so he can not be hanged on this tickti"The king asked him to bring a fat man,so that he can punish him instead of the rich man.The jailer found the shishya,who became very fat ,he caught and brought him.The shishya remembered his guru's words and called him by heart,the guru came to know every thing,and reached there in a moment,he went near his shishya and whispered in his ear,the king asked what did he say?He said"This is Dharmraj's tickti and he will be the king of this state who is get hanged first,and next will be the prime minister.The king and the prime minister wanted to be on the same posts again,so they got hanged,first the king and then the prime minister.The sadhu and the shishya appointed new able king and prime minister,they changed the foolish rules immideately.It is a saying"Andher nagari chaupat raja,take ser bhaji take ser khaja{A sweet dish}

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